Zimbabwean Most Followed Comedian, Mai TT nabbed for US$10 000 fraud

Zimbabwean Comedian, Mai TT nabbed for US$10 000 fraud
Zimbabwe’s most popular comedian, Felistas Murata, also known as “Mai
TT”, was in court this Thursday on allegations of fraud and theft of trust property.
The comedian affectionately known as
Mai TT, was not asked to plead when she appeared in court on charges of fraud and theft of trust property.

Mai TT allegedly borrowed US$10 000 from a local businesswoman before she surrendered a hired vehicle as collateral.
It is alleged that in September last year, the accused borrowed money for her business and handed the businesswoman a car as surety.
The court heard that the complainant realised she was duped after the police came to take the car saying it did not belong to Mai TT but to a car rental.

The Zimbabwean most followed socialite with over 1.3 million following has been dragged in scandal after scandal.
She is currently going through a nasty divorce after a scandalous break down of her marriage to US based husband Tinashe Maphosa. She accuses Tinashe of defrauding her into debt for their fairytale wedding which never lasted a minute.

The case is in courts too.
Mai TT was remanded out of custody and the story paints a sordid picture of living a fake life, scams and fraud.
Meanwhile, some social media groups are fundraising for her to assist in the debt payment.

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