Zim Socialite Mai TT Weds Amid Social Media Drama

Zimbabwean popular comedian and socialite Felistas Murata has tied the knot with short-term American based boyfriend, Tinashe Maphosa. Mai TT, as she is affectionately known shared the video clip on social media where they were exchanging rings with now husband Tinashe. Amid announcement of her wedding, questions were asked about eligibility to get married on a tourist visa in America. Well, yes it’s possible to get married on   tourist visa.

Mai TT and Tinashe

In a relationship marred with controversy and drama,  it’s a miracle that finally it ended in a wedding. Mai TT has been trending on social media since her announcement that she had landed in USA. When the news broke, it was that another man called Shepherd was the one who got her a traveling visa which she confirmed to be true. Things did not work out well as planned and MaiTT found herself in the arms of another man, Tinashe. Drama, after drama started to unfold but Mai TT maintained that all was well in paradise. It was not until rumours of her being abused by Tinashe started to surface, however, as usual ,  she brushed them aside. Her fans were adamant that she was ok and only jealous people were pushing negativity around.

As focus continued around the socialite, she suddenly went off social media and rumours flew everywhere that Tinashe had taken away her phone. With time it proved true as Mai TT jokingly revealed it herself.

As a person who is known for having had several boyfriends in a short space, netizens  concluded that, Tinashe was going to be just a statistic like others. However, everyone was in for shock when Mai TT and Tinashe came out on a livestream where she revealed that they were already married in the court. There were no evidence of the ceremony so, naturally, doubt filled the internet. It was the same livestream where netizens noticed that Mai TT looked very fearful when Tinashe joined the stream. She was heard in the video assuring Tinashe that she was not going to be making noise during the stream. This,  again raising eyebrows on the abusive nature of Tinashe towards Mai TT.

While the drama unfolded, audios allegedly recorded by Tinashe surfaced of Mai TT crying after a misunderstanding. It is alleged that Tinashe recorded and sent audio to a friend who later leaked the audios.

Love conquers all. Despite everything, Mai TT stood with her man. She posted a note explaining and apologizing to Tinashe.

Mai TT’s Note

Likewise, Tinashe also posted on social media apologizing to Mai TT. 

Tinashe’s Note

Relationships have ups and downs and only the strong-willed win. Come Sunday the 28th of November, video clips started trending of Felistas and Tinashe getting married. It’s not easy being a public figure as people are always interested on everything. Celebrities are always encouraged to keep their private affairs private but   it’s not easy.  Even though Mai TT bragged that she gets paid on Facebook but as a human being it gets tough. Sometimes, all pain is written all-over our faces no matter how we pretend to be fine.

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