Zimbabwean Comedian Mai TT Offers $2000 To Expose Zim Social Media Trolls Identities

by Zekey

“I had someone who used to tell us reall names of Ghosts and their IT s but unfortunately he moved to another location and I lost contact . I’m willing to pay $2000 cash to anyone who has access in revealing ghosts accounts there are a list of Ghosts accounts I need to tress and really sue because they are really messing me up it’s not something you can ignore otherwise you end up being killed with these fake stories.
You come to my house with your expertise and if you show me the name behind the Ghost I will definitely pay you .
The way this bitterness is going someone might get killed for nothing . Let’s reveal some true colors behind the Ghosts and allow law to deal with these people.” Mai tt

Fake Post

Zimbabwean comedian, socialite and businesswoman Felistas Maphosa nee Murata has offered $2000 to anyone who will help her expose identities of Ghost accounts on Zimbabwean social media.
Mai TT as she is publicly known claimed that her name has been dragged in several scandals all shared via ghost accounts.
Like many other celebrities, their names have been used to open fake pages which will be posting as the real person.
Ghosts account are too many especially on twitter and facebook. Identity theft is illegal and punishable by law. There is a difference between ghost account and trolls.

Ghost accounts are users on social media platforms who remain inactive or do not engage in activity. They register on platforms such as Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. These users follow active members, but do not partake in liking, commenting, messaging, and posting. These accounts may be created by people or by social bots. Many ghost followers are accounts created by scammers who create fictional profiles and use them to target and scam others.
Trolls on the other hand, on social media will create problems for people and businesses which affects the social well-being and emotional well-being aspects of an individual. Trolls create conflict on social media sites by making controversial statements with the sole purpose of causing disorder that can be found in almost every corner of Internet. Trolls adopt fake identities that make them feel at ease on social platforms. They know or not know their victims directly, like in cyberbullying, and they can act at any moment.


Rumours started by these fake pages reach bloggers who in turn make the stories go viral without proper confirmation.
Zimbabwean social media these days go by the name “Guhwa or Gossip” meaning they will be spreading news they either created themselves or heard but not confirmed by the subject but they hide behind these words.

Photo credit/ Mai tt Fb

“HIV positive.
Happily married
2 beautiful healthy , intelligent children
Hard worker
Goal getter
Home owner
Business owner
Moral of the story … your condition will never define or limit you to achieve what you want . Nomatter how much anyone will try to pull you down, if you were destined for greatness you will still reach greatness, pass them . Never allow your situation, mockery, stigmatization, discrimination, jealousy, hate to stop you . The pain inflicted on you ? Use it and build an empire , deep down inside you inspire even those who wish you were dead . They will never stop trying but you remain Unbreakable 💪Keep moving King 👑.” Mai tt

Mai tt is one of the main celebrities in Zimbabwe who has been bullied, attacked and humiliated on social media. She comes out strong defending herself and has in many occasions been accused of being a bully herself. Celebrities have been on the receiving end of gossip since and as public figures, they usually let it go. However, as human beings, they reach a breaking point. People have lost lives due to rumors spread by trolls. Bloggers aid trolls too by taking unverified stories and running with them.

Just few days ago, American rapper Cardi B won a defamation lawsuit against a blogger and youtuber Tasha K. This came after Tasha spread some false information about Cardi B and pushing her to some point contemplating suicide.

Social media platforms have ways of reporting fake accounts, however, netizens are reluctant to do so as they enjoy the dramas.

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