Zambia on an Anti-corruption Drive

Zambia’s new government is pursuing an anti-corruption drive after winning elections last year. It is yet to secure any major convictions.

The Drug Enforcement Commission (DEC) through its Anti-Money Laundering Investigations Unit (AMLIU) in Lusaka Province has arrested Kwacha Constituency Member of Parliament for money laundering activities involving K10 million and $700,000.00.
The former Zambian foreign affairs Minister Joseph Malanja was arrested for owning a hotel and helicopter suspected to have been bought by proceeds of crime.
Malanji becomes the second former minister to be arrested in a week after former justice minister Given Lubinda who was charged on Tuesday.

“The hotel has since been seized together with the two helicopters, the other one being the helicopter he was arrested for earlier which are currently in South Africa and arrangements are being made to have them brought into the country,” the commission’s spokesman Mathias Kamanga said in a statement.

The alleged helicopter

Mr Malanji denies the allegations.
He has been released on police bond, according to the local media.
He served in the cabinet of ex president Edgar Lungu, who lost the presidential election in August 2021.
more to follow

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