Women in Trouser Suits


Welcome back to our lifestyle blog.
As professionals, we are required to dress per prescription by our institutions.
Men usually do not have issues regarding what to wear. They can easily grab that blue suits, green tie, yellow shirt and run out the door to the office.


Women have to got through matching bag, shoes, inner garments, hair, lipstick colour and all. It takes forever to prepare. I usually plan what to wear in the evening before going to bed but come morning, well, the drama begins over again. I still have to conflict myself as to whether what I picked the previous night was Ok.

Most cases, I leave the house with a different look altogether.
Recently, I discovered that ladies pant suits are the best. They are not only comfortable but a empowering.

They are easy to accessorise and do not need all the extra bling.
These can be worn with a pair of sneakers, flat pumps or heels.
I picked these basic colours and are very simple yet elegant.

Send your photos to pmelodyzekey@yahoo.com let us see how you suit up.


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