Robert Mugabe Jr Denies Charges: Opt for Out of Court Settlement

The late former President Robert Mugabe’s son was arrested over allegations he damaged property at a Harare party.

Robert Mugabe junior, 31, who was detained over the weekend facing three counts of malicious damage to property and two charges of assault on a police officer, was set free.
It is alleged car windscreens were smashed and an officer spat on by the former first son.
He denies the charges and says he is innocent. He has been freed and is trying to reach an outside court settlement.
The arrest came after a complaint from his friend, Sindiso Nkatazo, also 31, police said in a tweet. They said the damaged property was valued at $12,000.

In a video that circulated on social media, Mr Mugabe junior was seen walking to Harare Magistrates’ Court wearing a suit and facemask, followed by a group of people.

In court, it’s reported his lawyer Ashiel Mugiya argued that the prosecutors had not done a thorough investigation and suggested an out-of-court settlement as Mr Mugabe junior and the complainant are friends.
It’s also reported that if the negotiations fail, the former president’s son will be summoned back to court. The charges of assault against an officer and resisting arrest were likely to be dropped according to his lawyer.
His arrest came a day before the commemoration of his father’s would be 99th birthday celebrated as the National Youth Day.


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