Robert Mugabe Jr Attends ZANU PF Party Rally

Robert Mugabe Jnr, attends ZANU PF rally.

Robert Jnr greets President ED Mnangagwa

ZIMBABWE’s ruling ZANU PF party has described Robert Mugabe Junior’s presence at their rally as an affirmition of the families allegiance to the Party. This was said during the  ZANU PF 361st Ordinary Session of the Politburo.

They also stated that former president, the late Robert Mugabe’s daughter, Bona and husband had visited president Emmerson Mnangagwa as well.
ZANU PF said they have been reaching out to people who had left the party.

Robert Mugabe Junior is the son of the former president of the Republic of Zimbabwe and the first secretary of the ruling Zimbabwe African National Union-Patriotic Front party, the late, Robert Gabriel Mugabe.
Robert Mugabe Jnr attended a ZANU PF rally addressed by President Emmerson Mnangagwa ahead of by-elections set for this Saturday,26 March.
Speaking to the media Robert Mugabe Jr expressed his gratitude towards the Warm welcome he received.

“It’s a family tradition,…. the only Party that I have ever known and belonged to since I was born is ZANU PF. It’s right that I come and show my support for the Party like everyone else.” he said.

In 2014, youths from Harare made calls to bring in Robert Junior into the party’s youth wing. These calls came in a bid to end Factionalism in Zanu-PF which was allegedly being perpetrated by the camp led by the ousted vice president Joice Mujuru. The bid however did not succeed. It was his mother who succeeded when she was elected the Secretary for the women’s affairs in the ZANU PF party.

Robert Junior was born to a ruling elite family as the second born to a family of three. Bona Chikore (nee Mugabe) is the eldest in the family and Chatunga Bellarmine Mugabe is the last born. The family also owns several estates in the Mazowe area of Mashonaland Central Province.

Robert Junior allegedly attained a series of U’s in his Advanced Level. His father ridiculed him by referring to him as an undertaker. In an interview with The Sunday Mail, his father said,
“He did not do well in his A’ Level exams. We have now had to get private teachers. He enjoys this basketball thing. He likes it, he goes to the gym after that, but aahh. We were of the impression he was working hard.”

Robert has an interest in basketball. He started his career when he was still in Primary School at Kutama. Mugabe wanted to play US college basketball with chances of joining the NBA Draft, but due to political sanctions, failed. He once played for the Zimbabwe National Basketball under-18 team. One of his notable appearances was for the Zimbabwean squad in the Zone 6 games held in Harare in 2010. He participated in the games when he was only 18. His mother Grace attended the tournament at City Sports Centre. She was on the touchline cheering the son displaying a good performance. In 2015, Robert was part of Zimbabwe’s basketball team to represent the country at the Afro-basket championships in Tunisia.

In 2010, Robert Junior made the headlines when he escaped from the state bodyguards at St Johns College in Harare and went shopping with his friend. He is believed to have escaped the watchful eyes of the state security personnel into his friend’s car and went to Chisipite shopping center where he enjoyed a few moments as an ordinary citizen away from the watchful eye of security personnel.

Robert Mugabe Jr and his brother Chatunga Bellarmine were evicted from their luxurious apartment in Sandton, Johannesburg after a violent brawl occurred at their apartment which left a security officer nursing a broken arm and leg. The two boys were staying in Morningside Sandton, Johannesburg’s wealthiest area. Their apartment reportedly cost R74 000 per month in rent. The brothers had relocated to South Africa from Dubai at the beginning of 2017.

Since the ousting from power and subsequent death of Robert Mugabe, Robert Jr and his siblings have been off public eye.

His appearance at the ZANU PF rally was criticised by many and described as betrayal to his father. The late former president, Robert Mugabe was forcibly removed from power by the military in 2017 after 37 years in power.

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