President Emmerson Mnangagwa: The principles of servant leadership must characterise our work ethic


His Excellency President Mnangagwa

I warmly welcome you comrades to this 367th Session of the Politburo. This meeting follows our introductory Session we held last week and is the first ordinary Session after the watershed 7th National People’s Congress as well as the subsequent re-constitution of the Politburo.

Sadly, we continue to lose many dedicated cadres of the Party across provinces who unflinchingly and loyally served the Party. Among those that passed on, are our National Heroes, the late Cde Betty Flora Mtero, Brigadier General (Rtd) Epmarcus Walter Kanhanga and Dr Christopher Chindoti Mushohwe. May we all rise to observe a minute of silence in their honour. May their souls continue to rest in eternal peace.

The unity of our colossal revolutionary Party and people centred development we are realising as a nation must inspire us, as the current crop of leaders, to carry forward this rich legacy. It is incumbent upon this newly appointed Politburo to wholeheartedly serve towards consolidating the strength of ZANU PF’s popularity in our country’s body-politic.

As you assume this onerous responsibility associated with serving in the Politburo, we must re-commit to tow the correct Party line, uphold constitutionalism and our ideology, internal democratic practices, as well as rules and procedures of the Party. There is no room for personal, group, district or provincial, self-serving interests. You are all now National Leaders. We must never be found wanting.

Article 8, Section 42 of our Party’s Constitution outlines the functions of the Politburo. This is our source of reference. You must, as the Politburo, quickly acquaint and align yourselves to deliver on your mandates and duties.

We are called to serve. The principles of servant leadership must characterise our work ethic. We are a revolutionary mass Party of the people, by the people and for the people. Members should emerge from this Session with the zeal to diligently implement the Resolutions of the 7th National People’s Congress.

More importantly, we must all gear ourselves to work with other structures in the ongoing mobilisation work towards our Party’s thunderous victory in the upcoming 2023 Harmonised General Elections. The Party Manifesto must be finalised as the other critical aspects related to our internal Election Road Map unfold.

At the Party’s administrative level, preparations for the holding of internal democratic primary elections should begin in earnest. I shall soon be formally announcing the dates of the elections.

Equally, all Provinces are directed to constitute themselves in readiness for responsive grassroots-based mobilisation campaigns ahead of the Harmonised General Elections. Provinces must further raise the requisite resources for campaigns at their level.

Voter registration and grassroots oriented mobilisation strategies centred at the Cells and Villages should continue. Nothing must be left to chance.

I commend you all for the ongoing Cell Verification Exercise undertaken across provinces. Organising our people to exercise their sacred right to vote for the defence of our independence, sovereignty, freedom, and democracy is
everyone’s responsibility. United as ZANU and ZAPU, ZANLA and ZIPRA, we waged a protracted armed war so that our people can enjoy free, fair and transparent elections. We will defend this right from all neo-colonial threats.

We are aware of the nefarious machinations to attack and discredit our national institutions. As the people of Zimbabwe, let us remain vigilant and not allow ourselves to be hoodwinked by entities who are against the progress, economic growth, peace and unity of our country.

All the wings of the Party, along with affiliate organisations, will be supported in their political mobilisation programmes based on clear programmes and activities. Our revolutionary mass Party knows no other place in politics besides victory, development and success. ZANU PF is geared and ready to mount an electric, thunderous and scientific, people-centered campaign. We are ready for victory. Victory is certain!

2022 saw the establishment and growth of affiliate organisations. The allegiance, loyalty and patriotism demonstrated by this emerging new crop of cadres are undoubtedly complementing the work of Party Leagues. The multiplier effects of the affiliate organisations must be harnessed for the growth and modernisation of our Party.

To maintain this momentum, it is also our collective responsibility as the Politburo, Leagues and Departments of the Party to hand hold and nurture new members. They must have a deeper grasp of the Party’s ideology, constitution, values, procedures and principles.

Equally, the Returnees’ Dzokai Kumusha, Buyani eKhaya Programme, should be promoted and new members must be welcomed as well as fully integrated across all structures.

Our economy is projected to continue on a growth trajectory. I challenge the Politburo to remain mindful of the centrality of the economy as a key component of our Party’s political and socio-economic development agenda.

Increased production and productivity across our economic sectors is critical to lift our people out of poverty and into prosperity. We are a Party that brings about sustainable life-transforming empowerment to the people of our beloved country.

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