Pastors4ED launches
Matabeleland North chapter
ZANU PF affiliate organisation, Pastors4ED has launched a new chapter in Matabeleland North province, with men and women of cloth throwing their full support behind the ruling party.
Launched in Kamativi this Wednesday, the organisation says it believes in the divine appointment of President Emmerson Mnangagwa to lead the nation to prosperity.
The ruling party also took note of how President Mnangagwa was spearheading development in Matabeleland North province and lauded Kamativi Mining Company for its efforts to revive the tin mine. Kamativi Mine is now on a revival path under a partnership between the government and Chinese investors.
Earlier on ZANU PF said organisations should be formalised by applying for an affiliation status. They stated that affiliates were not formed to get loans from the party, the party does not give loans for projects Those organisations who would want facilities for their projects or membership or who want to benefit from empowerment projects are free to do so and approach other relevant departments of the Party which promotes empowerment and start up projects. They can also approach Government in-terms of those institutions.


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