ZAMBIA Finance and National Planning Minister Dr SITUMBEKO MUSOKOTWANE says the release of K442.2 million to all schools, marks the final grant allocation under the free education programme and is a promise kept.

Following the Government’s decision, in October 2021, to provide free education from early childhood to secondary school level, all public schools have been receiving quarterly grants from the Treasury. These grants are remitted within the first two (2) weeks of the beginning of each quarter to ensure the smooth operation of schools, country-wide.

The Minister affirms that with the release of the K442.2 million 4th quarter grants, the entire 2022 budget allocation of K1.8 billion targeted at school grants, has now been disbursed.

“The first quarter disbursement amounting to K323.8 million was released on 2nd January 2022; second quarter disbursement amounting to K398 million on 5th April 2022; third quarter disbursement amounting to K611.4 million on 13th July 2022, and the final disbursement for the year amounting to K442.4 million on Friday, 14th October 2022,” confirmed Dr. Musokotwane, adding that, “this was the final disbursement for 2022 under the free education school grants programme.”

The Minister has directed relevant officials in the Ministry of Finance and National Planning to ensure that all schools directly received their respective grants within the course of the week to ensure smooth operations.

The Ministry of Finance and National Planning takes this opportunity to inform the public that the budget for administrative matters and for conducting examinations is provided separately from the school grants under the free education policy. Funds for examinations are channeled directly to the Examination Council of Zambia (ECZ), and not to individual schools.

In this regard, the entire 2022 budget allocation for the administration and conducting of examinations, totaling K60.5 million, was disbursed to the ECZ in July 2022, to allow for ample time to prepare materials and logistical requirements for primary and secondary examinations.


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