Zimbabwean Hip-hop artist, author, and entrepreneur Mudiwa Hood was the recipient of the Platinum medal at the recently held Zimbabwe CEO’s Network award ceremony held in Harare. Hood, 37, won the outstanding young CEO award in recognition of his contribution to the Zimbabwe business space.
The charismatic CEO is the author of a best-selling inspirational book titled SHUT UP AND MAKE MONEY.
Mudiwa Hood is one of the pioneers of Christian Hip Hop music in Zimbabwe. He is a Transformational Speaker, Success Coach, author, and businessman.
​ Born on the 24th of July 1985 in Harare, Mudiwa juggles a career in the Banking sector, business, and single fatherhood.
He prides himself as one of the most learned artists. he holds Bsc (Hons) in Economics, B.Sc in Psychology, MBA in Finance and is a Ph.D. candidate in Business Finance.
Last week, he was the guest speaker on Diaspora Talk Show where Zimbabweans in China were amazed and inspired by Mr. Hood’s business prowess. He shared how he is continuously expanding his brand venturing into different business spheres including transportation, clothing, marketing, and more.
He said, “ I am not the kind of guy who pops champagne and bottles and is found in flamboyant bars every day. I am not that guy who will sleep around with girls moving from party to party. I sacrificed all that for the life that I have and an empire I’m building.”

He went on to say that in pursuit of our dreams, something has to give. One has to forgo some things. For him, sleep is the area that suffers the most in his life. He said that he works late into the night planning and strategizing.

​“The difference between you and your workmate is what you do after five.” “Nothing is ever achieved from the comfort zone. You have to suffer for everything that you want to gain. You have to go through pain for it. And there is no way that you can ever speak of anything called balance. My life is not balanced.”
Mudiwa is often labeled ‘anovhaira’ or pompous because of his being open about his achievements and the display of his luxurious possessions.
However, he sees it as ‘provoking greatness’. As an inspirational speaker, his duty is to ‘touch nerves’ in a challenging way. One has to feel, “if he can do it, I can too”.
He once came out to defend his seemingly ‘showy’ life saying, ” If the world saw you struggle the world must see you also when you start winning. #unapologeticallyblessed.”

​Mudiwa challenged the young people in the diaspora especially in China, to take advantage of the resources and opportunities at their disposal. He encouraged them to form cooperatives and partnerships, saying, “Life is not competitive but collaborative.”
Mudiwa is currently working on his MH luxury clothing line which is yet to be launched but has already drawn criticism because of its expensive prices. Mudiwa, defended his pricing saying those who understand quality and luxury, will definitely be his customers.
” Nothing can be achieved in the comfort zone. Think guys think” he concluded.

He also encouraged people in the diaspora that instead of always sending money to relatives for their upkeep, they should try sending them money to start projects like poultry, piggery, fishery, and more. This way one won’t have to always support grown-ups who are able-bodied and also allows for saving enough for own growth.
Mudiwa gave elaborate business ideas and engaged in a question-and-answer session with the audience.
His message was clear, “Start where you are.”
​”Nothing is ever achieved from the comfort zone. Think.”

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