Eswatini:Stop Sending Learners Home for Unpaid Fees

Minister of Education Lady Howard Mabuza has warned head teachers to stop sending learners home over unpaid school fees as this results in learners missing out on learning. She has been addressing the media this afternoon.

Minister Mabuza: “It has come to the attention of the Ministry that some head teachers keep sending learners away to fetch school fees from home resulting to the learners missing out on learning. The Ministry is totally against such an administrative practice.”

Minister Mabuza: “I therefore earnestly remind head teachers not to interrupt the learners’ attendance to school as this deprives them their right and responsibility to come to school to learn.”

Minister Mabuza: “The payment of school fees remains squarely the responsibility of parents/guardians. The reminders to parents asking them to pay school fees should not lead to learners being chased away from school. Head teachers need to use other means of asking for money from parents.”

Minister Mabuza: “Parents are urged to communicate with the schools about the payment of school fees. Where there is need to negotiate terms of payment with the school, they must present their cases to the head teachers even before schools start sending reminders.”

Minister Mabuza: “Education remains the cornerstone on which to build hope and a future for the next generations. Therefore, more important than ever, we all need to prioritise the education of our children.”

Eswatini Government

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