Eswathini Government condemns destruction of national infrastructure by protestors

Prime Minister Cleopas Sipho Dlamini has strongly condemned the burning & destroying of national infrastructure, especially school buildings, Government offices & health facilities “by arsonists and criminals hiding under the banner of political activism.”

PM on threats to lives & property: “This behaviour cannot be tolerated under any civilized and forward-looking society and there can never be any justification for such acts of violence. No political ideology can justify the destruction of infrastructure and property or allow for threats and intimidation of the people it seeks to uplift.”

PM on threats to lives & property: “The price for the loss of schools will be too high to pay for emaSwati and will be felt for generations to come. Education is a critical driver for wealth creation and economic development in any society and needs to be protected at all costs and under all circumstances.”

PM on threats to lives & property: “We therefore appeal to parents, learners and community members to work closely with the police in protecting schools, national infrastructure and private property ensuring that the arsonists and instigators face the full wrath of the law.”

PM on threats to lives & property: “Police will intensify their investigations to bring to book the criminals that are burning schools, national infrastructure and businesses, and all those using social media to instigate and spread messages of violence, hate and terrorism against the Nation.”

The PM has further launched a food relief programme worth E140 million that will provide food assistance to about 300 000 vulnerable emaSwati who were negatively impacted by COVID-19 and the recent civil unrest, starting from next Wednesday.

PM on food relief & E500m Fund: “Government will be communicating with communities through appropriate structures. His Majesty King Mswati III announced a E500m seed Fund to assist those entities whose infrastructure and capital equipment were adversely affected by the recent riots. The Ministry of Finance is currently finalising the regulations for managing this Fund.”

PM on Cyclone Eloise response: “178 houses have been constructed by Government through NDMA across the country, providing shelter to many people who were affected by the Tropical Cyclone Eloise that hit the country earlier this year. 20 bridges, culverts and low-level crossings which were damaged by Cyclone Eloise have been fixed.”

PM on Vaccination: “I am happy that the COVID-19 vaccination exercise has gained momentum. As of yesterday, 85 115 emaSwati are now fully vaccinated. We continue to urge emaSwati & all residents of Eswatini to register & show up for vaccination.”

PM on health protocols: “Being vaccinated does not equate to being immune from the virus. We should continue observing all the COVID-19 Regulations and health protocols. We must stay vigilant and continue to; wear a mask at all times; wash hands with running water and soap or alcohol-based sanitiser & avoid crowds.”

PM Conclusion: “The fight against COVID-19 calls on all of us not to relent or lose focus. We bank our hopes on every individual living in this beautiful country to consistently do the right thing and fiercely guard against reckless behaviour that puts to risk their lives and those of others, including the development and stability of our Kingdom.”

Prime Minister’s Statement in full:

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