Ambassador Kaiyamo: Unity Fundamental to National Prosperity

President Dr. Hage G. Geingob

Ambassador Kaiyamo has called for unity as Namibia commemorated its belated 32nd Independence Anniversary in Beijing. Speaking at the celebrations, featuring “A people united for prosperity” theme, he emphasized that unity was fundamental if a nation was to realize its dreams of prosperity.

In an event attended by the diplomatic community, corporate, and captains of industries, Dr. Elia G. Kaiyamo paid tribute to the freedom fighters for their patriotism and sacrifice for Namibia to enjoy the freedoms it has today.

Ambassador Kaiyamo implored the citizenry to emulate and honor the sacrifices and hard work exhibited by young men and women that saw Namibia attain its independence on the 21st of March 1990.
The celebrations also honored the ‘Battle of Cuito Cuanavade’ on its 34th anniversary.
A tribute also went to countries, organizations, and individuals who supported Namibia during the national liberation struggle. Tanzania, Angola, Zambia, and Cuba outstandingly stood with Namibia under the leadership of SWAPO among other patriotic fronts.

Namibia subscribes to the maintenance of international peace and security and the promotion of resolution of international conflicts through peaceful means.
Dr. Kaiyamo highlighted the strides Namibia has taken in uplifting the living standards of its people.
“We are proud that we have consolidated peace and stability. We developed a strong macro-economic, infrastructure, and brought basic amenities to previously disadvantaged people such as potable water, electricity, roads, shelter as well as free primary and secondary education.”

Namibians have been called to rally together in one direction as per the spirit of Harambee, meaning ‘All pull together’ in Kiswahili.
In the quest to successfully implement the National Development Plan and achieve Vision 2030, Namibia has put measures to address inequality and poverty eradication.

In his address during the 32nd independence anniversary in Swakopmund, Dr. Hage Godfried Geingob, the 3rd President of Namibia, said, “…over the years, we have developed processes, systems, and institutions that have buttressed our Governance Architecture.. We have improved and expanded access to primary education and expanded access to medical care. We have expanded the supply of safe and clean drinking water to rural areas. We have expanded our physical and communications infrastructure, including building new roads, modernizing our harbors, and rolling out mobile telecommunications technology throughout the country”.

Turning to the host, China, Dr. Kaiyamo expressed his gratitude towards President Xi Jinping and the people of the Republic of China, for their solidarity throughout the years.
China and Namibia have strong diplomatic ties and continue to engage on a win-win approach. China has contributed tremendously towards infrastructural development in Namibia. The two nations’ cooperation expands to sectors such as education, agriculture, sports, trade and health, among others.

Going forward, Namibia pledges to fight gender-based violence, tribalism, corruption, crime and general moral decay. According to President Geingob, these threaten developmental aspirations, peace, stability, and security. He said Namibia’s national ambitions were threatened by the rise of corruption, which, if allowed to gain a foothold, hinders the country’s national security, sovereignty, and economic development.

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