May 25, 2022


Malawian Soldiers have directed that no one should interfere with protests that are currently going on in that country.
The soldiers have warned the Police that whoever will be found brutalizing citizens for registering their displeasure will be dealt with sternly.

Currently Malawian citizens led by activist, Oliver Nakoma have taken to the streets in Blantyre, over the rising cost of living and what they call false campaign promises of the Tonse Alliance which calls itself New Dawn government.

Attempts to stop the protests by high police presence in anti-riot gear and in civilian outfits failed as soldiers accompanied the protesters to Blantyre district council, where they are expected to deliver a petition.

The Army has warned that it will not entertain anyone to brutalize the people who are only exercising their rights.

The protesters are also reminding President Chakwera on his campaign promise; he would resign in two years if he fails to turn around the country’s economy and social status of Malawians.

Among many campaign promises, the Chakwera led new administration said it would reduce the prices of mealie meal, fuel and fertilizer. None has been reduced but instead, they have been increased drastically.

The protesters say Chakwera is practicing tribalism by employing people from his own region into key government institutions. The Malawian new dawn regime has also been accused by Malawians of practicing the worst form of nepotism where the family members of Chakwera are being recruited into government.


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