Marry Mubaiwa to have arm amputated after being denied traveling for medical care

Marry Mubaiwa, the ex-wife of Zimbabwe’s vice-president, Constantino Chiwenga, is set to have her right hand amputated after she was denied permission to leave the country to travel to South Africa.
Beatrice Mtetwa, the lawyer representing Mubaiwa, 40, told a court that doctors had reached the conclusion that her right arm needed to be amputated.

Mtetwa said doctors “cannot save her arm and that when she is medically fit they will have to amputate the right arm”.
Mubaiwa developed severe sepsis following surgery.
Mubaiwa was meant to appear in court on Monday, facing charges of assaulting her former childminder, but didn’t, because of her medical condition.

For months, Mubaiwa appealed to the courts in Zimbabwe to allow her to go to South Africa for medical treatment, but her appeals were denied.
In a report filed to the court, doctors said Mubaiwa relied on sedatives to ease the pain that caused her sleepless nights, while several of her limbs had become swollen.

Zimbabweans are talking about a prophecy that was given more than a year ago talking about Marry undergoing a major surgery. Majority of Zimbabweans are Christians who believe in prophecies hence when a prophecy is given they take it serious.

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