As ZimEye media house versus Selmor Manatsa nee Mtukudzi continue, Zex Manatsa released an official statement on his Facebook page where he expressed appreciation for his family, friends and fans for standing by him as he battles cancer. This statement was released soon after ZimEye led by Simba Chikanza ran a story that the musical icon Zex Manatsa was abandoned by ZANU PF party in time of need. Zimeye alleged that, the veteran artist was struggling to pay for his medical bills at Parirenyatwa Group of Hospitals and it was ZANU PF’s responsibility to look after veterans like Zex. Zimeye also released medical bill to this effect.

Responding to the post, Selmor Mtukudzi demanded that Zimeye retract its allegations pointing out that her father-in-law was well taken care of by his family. She threatened to sue Zimeye if they don’t take down the story. However, Zimeye released yet another statement pointing out that, despite Selmor Mtukudzi’s denial, Zex Manatsa’s medical bills were still outstanding. They went on to say that they will continue to provide live updates of the singer’s welfare as requested by his immediate family, friends and fans.

The statement released on Zex Manatsa’s official page rubbished claims by Zimeye. It read in full;
My family, friends and fans, as you know, I am battling cancer. The last couple of weeks have been tough on my body. I am currently admitted in hospital in order to be closely monitored and receiving treatment from specialists. Mentally, I am strong and optimistic mainly because my family is here with me every day. All the way on this journey my family has been and continues to take care of all my medical bills. We have not approached Zanu PF or anyone for financial assistance yet, and neither have we been denied assistance as reported on social media by Zimeye. I am not stranded. My family is making sure that I am well catered for and comfortable. I and my family shall continue to keep you updated on how I am doing officially on this page. Once again, I thank you all from the bottom of my heart for your prayers, love and support. As always sincerely, Zex Manatsa

screenshots of official statement by Zex Manatsa

In early August this year, Zex Manatsa announced that he was diagnosed of a rare cancer called multiple Myeloma. Since then he has been receiving treatment for the condition. Zex Manatsa is a musical icon born January, 1, 1944 in Mhangura, Zimbabwe. He is married to Stellar Manatsa nee Katehwe and their wedding had about 50 000 guests filling up the Rufaro Stadium in August, 1979. Together they have six children all into music too. One of their son, Tendai Manatsa is married to Zimbabwean national hero and icon the late Oliver Mtukudzi, Selmor.

Zex Manatsa and his wife are ordained ZAOGA pastors and are now retired.


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