May 25, 2022

The point is that, we don’t cheat because we have phones, but because there is a problem somewhere, which could be in us, or at home, or in our partners.

Mind you cheating is in both men and women. It’s important to understand that not everyone wants to cheat, but many factors push people into that temptation.

Before you blame a partner of cheating, try to understand him or her first. You can swipe out all numbers and texts, from the phone, but as long as you have not resolved the main issue, you are still in dirty waters.

Snooping in someone’s phone can also be a problem, in itself, causing conflicts at home leading someone into cheating.

A phone has become an extention of most of us, it’s like an external memory of our brain memory in our heads.

Many of us have very personal things in our phones, including our naked pictures or very intimate experiences for various reasons, which we may not anyone to see.

Therefore, having access to the password of someone’s phone, is like having access to the memory of their brains.

Consequently, a person accessing another person’s phone must be very responsible, mature, not judgemental and of high standard of confidentiality.

These characteristics are not easy to maintain, especially if we are talking about your partner. One is bound to get affected or get emotional pending on what one comes across in the phone.

Therefore it might be safe to stay away from the phone, to avoid discovering undesired material or articles which will mess up your relationship.

Personally, I want my wife and children to know the password of my phone, because I want them to pick up my phone and use it whenever there’s a need, but not snooping.

Unfortunately, many times I have to explain myself over things I shouldn’t because my wife at times goes beyond more than my intentions of giving out my password.

Often times it leads to conflicts and change of moods at home, such that, I get the temptation to drive off. But I avoid it, because that would escalate the tension.

However, I always wish my wife didn’t go through my phone, because I actually don’t cheat, but at times I communicate with different people in a manner that my wife would not understand.

I am not complaining about my wife, I have just given it as an example to drive a point.


I can guarantee you that a phone has brought more harm than good in relationships


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