Tendai D, a beautician who stays in Cresta, Johannesburg, says that earlier in the year she purchased a Shane Diesel (famously well-endowed porn star) vibrator online, which was modelled after his exact gigantic 4-5.
“I just wanted to experiment a bit, and I did not think it would actually be a big deal with my then boyfriend.”
When Tendai’s boyfriend found it, he was so offended he accused her of cheating and yearning for other men with bigger 4-5s.
“He said that he was clearly not good enough for me sexually, and that I wanted a bigger penis than he had. I tried to explain that it was for my sexual pleasure only but he insisted that if I met a man as gifted as my vibrator, I would surely cheat on him. He said he cannot trust me and that was the end of our three months relationship.”

A 2017 survey by Désir, a luxury sex toy brand, revealed that more and more South Africans are introducing sex toys into the bedroom to spice things up.

But should you be careful what sex toy you get in order not to offend your partner.

Sex Advice Consultant Thandi Dlamini-Smith says that there are some sex toys that could make a partner who is not open-minded, raise an eyebrow.
“Sex toys are still a taboo topic within our community and some partners may go into shock mode at the mere suggestion of using sex toys. There are sex toys that are geared more towards couple-play and some that are for a single person to have fun. Confusing the two could lead to problems,” she says.

According to Dlamini-Smith, these are the sex toys you should tread carefully on:

  1. The vibrator
The vibrator

Men are very sensitive when it comes to comparing their penises to other men, and yes, even to a vibrator. The vibrator should be for self-use that one uses when he is not around and safely tucked away afterwards. It bruises most men’s egos.

  1. The synthetic vagina
Synthetic vagina

This is the opposite of the vibrator for women. Most women are offended their partners choose a designed vagina over theirs. They start being self-depreciating and wondering if their vaginas are not good or tight enough, which is, of course, nonsense.

  1. The blow-up doll
Blow up doll

For some women, the doll’s features and body shape can be offensive. They believe that their partner would rather have that type of woman as opposed to their flawed selves.

  1. Butt plugs
Butt plug

For most men, anal play is a no-go zone. Introducing butt plugs into the bedroom is bound to send most men into a meltdown. They are not comfortable having anything up there, or even their partners.

  1. The bunny

While it may send some women into orgasm heaven by stimulating the clitoris, some men may feel that the bunny is a subtle signal that their oral game is not on point.
article from dailysun
*Not her real name

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