I’m A Believer – Kashif Phiri

Behind every success story is a soul that just wouldn’t let its fire be quenched. ” I’m a believer. Even though the situation I grew up in wasn’t pointing to the green light for me, I still believed and it came to pass.” These are the strong words of faith from the 24 year old Kashif Phiri who is pushing his way up the hospitality industry.

He graduated college with Advanced Diplomas in Digital Marketing Management and Hotel Management and is currently based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.
“Being in the hospitality industry is fulfilling for me,” he says.

Kashif has been growing by day. Doors have been opening for him and because of self-discipline and hunger for success, he has been successful in most of his endeavors. As a young man in the diaspora away from family, he has carried himself with dignity. A true ambassador of his people.
He recently completed his cross-training course in Meeting & Event Sales and Marketing Department which he is very excited about as he moves higher and higher up the hospitality ladder.
Considering where he is coming from, he is an example to all young people that never feel sorry for yourself. Kashif says, “ I love hospitality and I love to get things done and running those things for a big company is a blessing to me. It seems like everything is moving too fast but all I can say is everything works well for those who believe.” Where you come from or where you are born doesn’t matter, there is always a way out. One just needs to set their mind straight and take action.

Sounds like an easy flow, well, let’s rewind back memory lane. Kashif was born and raised in Zimbabwe and comes from a humble family who did not always get the luxuries other children had. Recalling the past Kashif says, ”It was sad that at one time I had to miss some exams because there was no money. You’ve a dream but seems like it’s going to be shattered because of lack.”
Kashif emphasizes that he was and always is a believer, he had to think like a grown up to see himself out of the situation he was in. Maya Angelou once said, “We might encounter many defeats but we must not be defeated.” The only limit to our realization of tomorrow will be our doubts of today.

He says, ”Parents sometimes don’t want to go about asking for help so I had to do it myself. As I grew up I learnt that life was like that so we see the goodness of God.” Kashif talks of how he managed to raise money for his college. ”I did a petition of some sort. I knew the amount I needed to finish my studies so I listed a number of people I hoped would help. Some responded and others never but I thank God I was able to raise my fees and today it’s all history.” Today’s accomplishment were yesterday’s impossibilities. He goes on to express his sincere gratitude and appreciation to his family for always being there. He says, “Even though my family lacked, they would sacrifice everything they had to help with my studies and I’m forever grateful.”

Kashif knows where he is coming from and where he is going. There is no limit to what one can achieve with the right thinking. He is determined and believes the only way to do great is to love what you do and having a clear vision of what you want. Even after overcoming one obstacle of college fees, he still found himself with no employment. He jokingly says, ”I fielded hundreds of applications and never got a single response and I was at a point where I was asking ‘but why me?” ”Then one day, I got that reply that would see me where I am today. It was not like we are giving you a job but it said we are calling you for an interview. I was so excited just the fact that they had responded and like they say the rest is history.”
He might not have acquired millions of dollars yet but he already has a heart of giving back to the community that raised him and helped him achieve his goals. He says, ” There is always a kid who is in the same position that I was before and needs help to come out. A lot of great minds with no support and end up being wasted talent. So, social welfare is my passion, spearheading one of the most efficient foundation programs in Africa.”
Kashif is not only a hospitality master, but also loves photography which he describes as his second source of income. He captures amazing moments of wildlife and people which has won him hundreds of followers on social media. He has been to a number of countries with his passport and camera. ”Remember I was telling you I had no money to pay my school fees, well, now here I am traveling around the world,” he chuckles.
Kashif’s is one of the many amazing stories of young achievers in the African diaspora. A motivational story of Achievers Without Border.

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