Focus on Foreigners After Two Separate Assaults of Chinese

Barely two weeks after an incident where a foreigner fatally assaulted a young Chinese woman in Zhejiang Province, another case has been reported. About two weeks ago there was an outcry on Chinese social media after a report of the murder of a university student circulated. The foreigner whose nationality was not published confessed to the murder and revealed they had a relationship disbute. Netizens called on authorities to render justice impartially.
Now, the latest case happened in Sichuan province where three foreigners are being accused of assaulting three Chinese nationals.
It’s alleged that earlier on, one foreigner was drinking at a bar with the three Chinese namely Yin (male 22), Yang (female 24) and Moumou (female 26) before they invited him to join them eat out.
The foreigner is said to have invited two other foreigners from Morocco. An argument ensued which resulted in the foreigners assaulting the Chinese in a restaurant. Later a case of assault was opened at the Jinjiang District Police in Chengdu and the foreigners were put under seven days adminstrative detention. They were also made to pay 500 yuan fine.
As the Chinese netizens called for equal punishment for foreigners and being outraged by the incidences of misbehaviour by foreigners, one of the females in the dispute, Yang, was fined for circulating fake texts implying that the three foreigners had called Chinese people bad names. According to the report by police, investigations found that in the online video with abuse allegations, the content of Chinese characters was made up by Yang Suo and her behavior has constituted disturbance of public order. In other words she was trying to incite hate against foreigners. She was fined 500 yuan.
Meanwhile, there is a mass crackdown on illegal foreigners or those working illegally. As the 100 years celebrations for CPC approaches, fear has gripped foreigners in the city of Beijing. However, it should be noted that the crackdown is being done across the country with many foreigners being refused visa renewal and being ordered to leave.

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