Danger! Zimbabwean Toddler Hangs Outside Window Ledge in Beijing

A building manager in Beijing calls for help after a 3 year old Zimbabwean girl was seen sitting outside the fourth floor window ledge last Thursday April 13.
Cao, the building manager, was doing his routine afternoon check of the complex when he spotted the child. He immediately panicked and called 119, requesting help and suggesting they bring an emergency mat.

Emergency response immediately arrived to the building complex, and set up a station underneath the window, holding inflatable mattresses and blankets, in case the girl were to fall. Another team went to the window sill of the fourth floor, where they were able to safely retrieve the child. The entire rescue took around 15 minutes.
Upon further investigation, the little girl was left at home alone and unattended, when the incident occurred. Staff and emergency respondents took care of the child, until they were able to contact and get a hold of the girls family.

Luckily the child was able to reunite with family members, and was free of any injuries.
“Maitabasa,” she responds in her native language, meaning “thank you.”

It is not know if the guardians were charged.



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