Zimbabwe Warriors in China Successfully Hosts 2nd World Cup Edition


Zimbabwe Warriors in China recently held their second edition of the World Cup tournament which saw 16 male teams and 5 female teams participating.

The tournament attracted a huge audience as it fell on the 2nd day of the Chinese national holiday.

The Zimbabwean Embassy in Beijing graced the occasion and indeed the Zimbabwean flag flew high.

The popularity of social soccer in Beijing has seen more competitive games being played around the city. Football as a social tool is a powerful bridge to cover the gap created by nationality differences for people living in a foreign country. The Zimbabwe World Cup tournament became a platform for fostering people to people friendship. Soccer creates and harnesses strong relationships that go beyond race. As a team sport, players have to work together to achieve their goal hence fostering unit and teamwork regardless of which team one belongs to.

Zim Legends

Living in a foreign land especially now with Covid-19 restrictions, a lot of people have been going through some mental issues like stress and anxiety. Soccer has been a great release for them.

The World Cup was a huge success and also saw the first appearance of the female team, Mighty Warriors Beijing FC which consists mainly of  Zimbabwean women and other foreign players joining the competition.

Mighty Warriors Beijing FC

Tinashe Kamwenje who is Zimbabwe Warriors spokesperson expressed his gratitude to all teams who took part and hoped the next tournament will be bigger and better. Even though Zimbabwe did not win the cup which went to Pirates FC, he said the overall goal of uniting people from all walks of life through soccer was achieved and called on more women to join in.

Trophies Display

The Zimbabwe Warriors World Cup went to Pirates FC who won 5-4 on penalties against Cameroon after a goalless match. The Pirates-Bats female team also scooped the cup.

Women Teams Group Photo

Zimbabwe Warriors in China is a social club based in Beijing created with goal of uniting Zimbabweans, fostering the development of common interest, sacrifice and collective responsibility while embracing the Zimbabwean ideology of Ubuntu where an injury to one is an injury to all. According to the club chairman Mr George T Muzanarwo, their driving force is raising the Zimbabwean flag high and letting the world know that Zimbabweans no matter where they are in the world achieve greatness . Established in 2015, Zimbabwe Warriors in China is divided into two, Zim Warriors and Zim Legends and the main goal of the division was to give a chance to all players. The division only applies when there is need.

ZimWarriors Logo

Zimbabwe is a soccer loving nation and it’s no surprise that even in China the call to join the Zimbabwean club was positively received. Players are not only based in Beijing but around China.

The Zimbabwe Warriors in China Club is coached by the legendary Simon Chuma who played and coached Dynamos in the 1990s. He is assisted by Leonard Tsipa the former Caps United star who also once played for Dynamos FC as well as in Europe, and Shepherd Makuyana the Vice Chairman of the club and a former Zimbabwean Division 1 player.

Zim Warriors

Zimbabwe Warriors in China is made up of dedicated players and some, because of their patriotism, travel from far cities to be of service to their club. Proudly showcasing brand Zimbabwe, the love and unit among the club members is an assurance that indeed Zimbabwe’s legacy in the world can only get better with unit, understanding and resilience.

The whole Zimbabwe Warriors In China Commitee is as follows:
1.Chairperson: George T Muzanarwo
2.Vice: Shepherd Makuyana
3.Secretary General: Joe Mbangani
4.Teams spokesperson: Tinashe Kamwenje

5. Team liaisons sponsors:
6.Finance director: Reuben
7.Head coach 1.Simon Chuma
Assistant 2.Leonard Tsipa

Assistant 3.Shepherd
8.Wilbur Hwitiri: Technical

9. Abinel Matemera :Welfare and fixtures

10. Sadson Mkumira : Media

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