EFF has described Uganda’s anti-LGBTQIA+ bill as a modern-day oppression, stating that it infringes on the rights of queer people. Uganda’s parliament passed a bill that could lead to harsh punishments for people who belong to the #LGBTQIA+ community.
While most Africans applauded the move, EFF believes that the bill’s passing is a modern-day form of oppression that must not be allowed to continue. They said that everyone deserved the right to live free from discrimination, and it is the responsibility of governments to protect these rights.
During their solidarity march, EFF member of Parliament, Yoliswa Yako, urged Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni not to sign the bill into law and emphasized the need for the Ugandan cabinet to receive an educational plan to understand the severity of hate crimes against the LGBTQIA+ community.
Across the globe, LGBTQIA+ rights are a significant issue, and organizations like the EFF are working tirelessly to ensure that the community receives equal treatment under the law.


EFF condemns the inhumane Anti-Homosexuality Bill passed by the parliament of Uganda on March 21, 2023 saying fundamentally, the parliament of Uganda has legalised bigotry.
The EFF said the Anti-Homosexuality Bill contravenes the African Charter on Human and Peoples’ Rights. It negates Uganda’s commitment in complying and being accountable to uphold and respect human rights. They further stated that it detrimentally gives the state power to imprison its people based on their identity and/or consensual sexual assimilation.
Ugandan lawmakers introduced legislation to parliament that proposes tough new penalties for same-sex relations in a country where homosexuality is already illegal, defying criticism from human rights groups.


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