Speaking on SABC News, Malema has reiterated his stance on Operation Dudula and said he was unbothered by some of the allegations against him. Malema also slammed those using his name for clout. He accused Operation Dudula of imitating him and said he was not going to engage them.
Last week Malema said that his name was not a playground for kids.
“My name is not a playground. When everyone in this country has their own issues, they say it is Malema. If they are crazy, then they must practice their craziness somewhere else. They must not come to me,” he said.

Operation Dudula accused Malema of supporting illegal foreign nationals in SA.
“Those are small kids with small brains, the size of a peanut. I fight real battles of the continent. I have no time for amateurs who are trying their luck by using my name,” said Malema.
He said the group are “arrivalists” and have a long way to go.
“They are new in what they are doing. If you listen when they speak, they all imitate me. So why should I be worried about imitators? I have no time for kids. There is no principle to engage them. I’m dealing here with principle,” said Malema.

President Cyril Ramaphosa claimed the group was a “vigilante-like force” which the ANC cannot support.
Addressing media in Mpumalanga over the weekend, Ramaphosa said he was concerned about the rise of the group and its alleged illegal actions.
“These things often get out of hand. They always mutate into wanton violence against other people and we’ve always said let’s act within the parameters of the law.
“We cannot support a vigilante-type of move against a group of people, and particularly targeting them as foreign nationals because what we are doing then is just to divide our people on the African continent,” said Ramaphosa.

However, Fees Must Fall activist Bonginkosi Khanyile said instead of condemning Operation Dudula, the government needs to engage and address the movement and those who share its views.
“The people who are in authority must make decisions and, equally, South Africans must have a voice on the matter. Politicians must take a clear stance on issues raised by Operation Dudula because they are genuine. They [Operation Dudula members] are not hooligans like they [politicians] want us to believe,” said Khanyile.
SABC News video

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