Zimbabwe African Peoples Union Statement on Aljazeera Gold Mafia Investigations Reveals

23 March 2023
ZAPU’s statement on the Al Jazeera revelations

Zimbabweans have been waiting impatiently for the explosive documentaries by media group Al Jazeera of the systematic looting and plunder of resources by the ruling elite.
Today the world watched with shock the first instalment of four detailing how ZANU PF has sanctioned us and the unborn generation to perpetual poverty while a litany of fake prophets, criminals and state operatives mint millions from our national resources.
ZAPU is appalled but not shocked. We have known that our erstwhile colleagues never sacrificed for the black majority. We knew it pre independence and we said it post
independence. As a result over 20000 of our supporters were murdered in cold blood. The masterminds of the genocide are today occupying the highest offices in the land. To protect their lootocrasy, they even deposed their own godfather through a coup. The lot have even imprisoned journalists for merely reporting the looting. Today we all understand why they had to embarrass their godfather the way they did.

ZAPU calls on all Zimbabweans civic organizations, political parties, rellgious groups, student movements and the youth to prepare for action that will demand that those
implicated must account for their actions. We caution every Zimbabwean to wait until all four documentaries our released before any action is taken.We implore all those
implicated, including those yet to be implicated, to relinquish public office immediately and for private citizens to bring into confidence the general population by exposing the real culprits in government robes.
In the end, which is soon, Zimbabweans must understand that Al Jazeera has pointed at the cracks on the walls of Jericho. They’re wide, but by episode 4 they’ll be wider. All we have to do is push and they’ll collapse. But this calls for unity of all forces. ZAPU is ready and
willing to be part of this revolutionary effort.

Our ZPRA heroes, mothers and fathers did not die so that a few white people can own the Reserve bank of Zimbabwe. Our ZANLA colleagues did not perish in Nyadzonia so that families of government leaders loot our country dry. If this does not invoke your revolutionaryspiritthen nothing ever will.
After the last episode, ZAPU will be making an unequivocal call to action. In the meantime consultations will be in in earnest. We must all be united by our desire to save our
motherland from vultures in sheep clothing. We are aware that they will immediately run a narrative that this goldgate was a sanction busting scheme. Nobody can be fooled and as the next episodes will reveal this is a mafia syndicate which was birthed through the 2017 military coup.

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