1. It is an honour for me to be officiating at the launch of the 24-hour operation of Mamuno/Trans Kalahari border post, the purpose of which is to facilitate seamless flow of goods and people through this port of entry.
  2. Distinguished ladies and gentlemen, you will agree with me that, this has been a ground-breaking year, having recently launched the use of Identity Cards as cross-border travel documents between our countries. Today we are gathered yet again launching another momentous initiative.
  3. Ladies and Gentlemen, it is worth noting that these two important initiatives are a product of the foresight of our Heads of States who through their visionary leadership came up with such noble ideas.
  4. The launch of 24-hour operations for this port of entry, Ladies and Gentlemen, is aligned to the aspirations of the Memorandum of Understanding signed between the Republics of Botswana, Namibia and South Africa, on the Development and Management of the Trans Kalahari Corridor, along which the Mamuno/Trans Kalahari border posts are located.
  5. This corridor serves as a gateway to and from international markets, therefore such initiatives like the 24-hour operation of Mamuno /Trans Kalahari border posts will give it a competitive advantage and make it a corridor of choice in the Southern African Development Community (SADC) region.
  6. Director of Ceremonies, allow me to state that this operational shift is an effort by our two Governments, not only to enhance economic activities between our two countries but also to bring services closer to our people as well as to boost tourism activities to enrich and develop the lives of indigenous Batswana and Namibians.
  7. I am reliably informed that on average, imports to the value of P15 billion are processed annually at Mamuno border post and Eight thousand, eight hundred (8800) commercial trucks carrying cargo across Mamuno /Trans Kalahari border posts are facilitated on average monthly basis.
  8. You will therefore agree with me, Ladies and Gentlemen, that based on these statistics, Mamuno /Trans Kalahari border posts are critical to facilitation of timely importation of raw materials and machinery necessary to stimulate growth of industries in the economies of our two countries.
  9. It is therefore expected that the transition into 24-hour operational basis will drive economic growth and increase the number of trucks and goods coming through this route and, hopefully, a reciprocal increase in revenue generated from such movements.
  10. The revenue, Ladies and Gentlemen, is critical and much needed for the development of our two nations, especially during this era as we recover from the devastating effects of the COVID 19 pandemic.
  11. Ladies and gentlemen, let me hasten to say that this occasion would not have come at any opportune time, when both the Governments of Botswana and Namibia have ratified the African Continental Free Trade Agreement (AfCFTA) and stand ready to reap the intended benefits under this Agreement.
  12. Director of Ceremonies, this will go a long way in facilitating movements in and out of Africa, by effectively making use of the Port of Walvis Bay as well as the Botswana Dry Port, that has been graciously provided to the Government of Botswana by the Government of Namibia. This, Ladies and Gentlemen, is a demonstration of the strong and long-lasting Diplomatic ties between our two countries.
  13. Ladies and gentlemen, allow me to also remind you that plans are already underway for the establishment of a One-Stop Border Post at this port of entry, in the near future. All these efforts are geared towards facilitating seamless flow of goods across the borders, and are expected a positive impact on the social and economic activities and lives of people of the Omaheke Region and Charles Hill District.
  14. In conclusion, Director of Ceremonies, I would like to congratulate the leadership of our respective Border Agencies and their officials, for having ensured that this auspicious occasion takes place as per the Bi-National Commission resolution.
  15. I would also wish to urge our officials to continue rendering efficient service with Integrity and Botho, while ensuring that our borders remain secure and safe and that our people are protected from cross border crimes.
  16. I wish to also thank the Government of the Republic of Namibia for the continued cordial relations with the Government of the Republic of Botswana. I am confident that our cooperation will go a long way in transforming the economic wellbeing of our people.
  17. Ladies and gentlemen, I declare the Mamuno /Trans Kalahari border posts open on a 24-hour, 7-days basis. I thank you for your attention.
  18. PULA!

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