Minister of Health, who is also Co-chairperson for Presidential taskforce on cholera, Khumbize Kandodo Chiponda has asked Malawians in all districts to strictly follow all preventive measures if the country is to fight the cholera outbreak.

Speaking during Government faces the press today at the Central Office of Information, Chiponda asked Malawians to receive the cholera vaccine, refrain from communal eating, eat well cooked and warm food, use clean water, desist from buying cooked foods, have toilets in homes, and fully practice personal hygiene.

Chiponda has also asked Malawians to rush to the hospital once they notice signs and symptoms of cholera to get treated in good time saying all hospitals under her ministry are ready for the cause.

The Minister has commended Lilongwe City Council for putting in place bylaws aimed at helping to prevent the spread of cholera and has asked other councils to emulate.

Chiponda said Ministry of Health is distributing chlorine to all areas where there are no sources of clean water while responsible stakeholders in the water sector are bringing clean water in those areas.

In his remarks, Minister of information and Digitalisation, Gospel Kazako said the issue of cholera should not be taken lightly therefore the call for prevention through personal hygiene practice and all preventive measures is for everybody regardless of social status.

Cumulatively, 13, 837 people have suffered from cholera since 28th February, 410 have died and 338 are currently hospitalised according to the latest report.

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