Cultural Exchange Fostering People to People Interactions -Event

Group Photo

In order to promote more people-to-people exchanges, the “Silk Road of Chinese Culture Connects Five Continents” held the third Chinese and foreign cultural exchanges supported by Ming Wine World in Beijing last Friday. The Mid-Autumn Festival gathering attracted famous Chinese artists in the performance and fine arts industry.
Guests included diplomats, business people and other civic leaders, including those from Namibia, Indonesia, Zimbabwe, Macedonia, Benin, Russia and Sudan.


Highlights of the event include music performances by Jiangnan Jazz, Hu Xiaoqing, Lou Yixin, Russian guests Gu, Lu Ziyuan and other famous artists.
Cultural exchanges initiatives aim to bridge the gap between international borders. With the continuous development of Sino-foreign relations, more and more interpersonal Communication is established, which provides convenience for the establishment of enterprises.

Madam Gao Minghong

Madam Gao Minghong, President of Wine World, stressed the importance of cultural exchanges to unify the World. By gathering old and new friends, establish partnerships, and promote the sharing and development of corporate culture and “Belt and Road” resources.
The event is to celebrate the upcoming Chinese traditional festival, the Mid-Autumn Festival. It is usually celebrated in September or October. This festival is to celebrate the harvest and enjoy the beautiful moonlight. Like Thanksgiving in other countries, this holiday usually brings family and friends together to watch the moon and eat mooncakes.

Guest Artist performance

In this spirit, Ming Wine World offers their guests the very best wines and spirits that are the products of their company. Serves a variety of traditional Chinese dishes, including the famous Peking Duck.
The organizers hope more African countries will come forward to showcase their rich culture on platforms like theirs.

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