Success Stories of China-Africa Relationship

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How l Started My brand For Women’s Stylish Shoes by Mejury Chipato

Eliminating poverty is a challenge for all countries. China has embarked on a path of poverty alleviation. It has carried forward the great tradition of working together and offering mutual support. It has accumulated valuable experience, which belongs both to China and to the rest of the world, and offers enlightenment to the international community in its battle to reduce poverty. As the world’s largest developing country, China has concentrated its efforts on the economy’s development, which has been growing rapidly.

As a foreigner living in China, who first came to China in 2016, l have observed rapid growth in the economy of the country, where l learnt a lot about poverty alleviation. This program should be adopted by the world, especially in Africa, where many countries are still underdeveloped. The government needs to work together with the local people. The development of the country is not entirely the government’s duty alone, but also the duty of its citizens.

As a concerned citizen of my country Zimbabwe, l wanted to contribute to poverty alleviation in my country, using the same principles that l have learnt in China. As a Zimbabwean who on one hand has been in Zimbabwe and has experienced how the downfall of our country’s economy has had drastic effects on the livelihoods of the local people, and on the other hand has lived in China where l experienced the better quality of life that comes with having a good and stable economy; l have decided to play my part in the building of our economy by starting my brand for shoes.

It became my mandate and duty to do whatever is in my capacity, with the knowledge that l acquired in China, to make the necessary changes that l want to see in my country. Taking advantage that l live in China, where things are cheap and where there are many industries which focus on different things, in 2020, l decided to start a brand for women’s shoes, which are produced in China, and which I sell back in my country and here in China. Not only that, l have been to the shoe factory, where l have learnt a lot. It is my desire to open a shoe factory in Zimbabwe in the future, where my Chinese partners would come to Zimbabwe and teach us and help create our local industries for shoes, which will not only create employment for the local people, but will equip the people with practical knowledge and also help in improving the economy of our country.

Brand Merjory is a brand for modern, stylish and classy women’s shoes that are affordable and durable. It comes in different styles, sizes and inches to cater for all the women of different backgrounds; either the sophisticated high heels lovers or the ones who like their shoes flat. This is a solution to the shoe-problems; especially those experienced by some women who have big feet and often do not find their right sizes as most nice shoe-sizes end at size 39 or 40. This brand has brought so much happiness to many women who now have a choice, since we also customize women shoes according to our clients’ preferred specifications.

Using the profits accumulated over time, l have been able to give back to the community, both in China and back in my country. I founded a charity organization, Patience of Hope Foundation whose aim is to pay school fees for underprivileged children in the remotes parts of the country. Through the foundation, we have paid school fees for many children, provided food to the poor families during the peak period of COVID-19 pandemic. We have also visited old people’s home, here in China, in Ganzhou city, where l live, where we brought them some groceries and clothes.

I have received amazing support from my Chinese counterparts, who are willing to go a step further to go to Zimbabwe and help in establishing the shoes factory there. I am so grateful to China for giving me the opportunity to learn and contribute positively, not just to my country’s economy but also here in China, which l consider to be my second home.

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