Zimbabwean Hiphop Star Stunner’s Signature Pose


By Zekey

Desmond Chideme is a Zimbabwean Hiphop star who is known for more other reasons than music alone. The multi-awarding winning champ is popularly known as ‘Stunner’ a personality he literally lives on.

Photo credit: Stunner Instagram

Stunner was born May 11, 1980 in Gweru, the capital of Midlands Province but  grew up in Harare. He is one of the god-fathers of Urban Grooves a genre that was selling in the late 1990s.

Photo credit: Stunner IG

Some of his notable albums include Team Hombe, Ndaita Mbiri and Hameno. 

Credit: Stunner

Despite the controversies that followed his name like any other celebrity, Stunner continues to stun his followers with his sense of style.

Credit: Stunner

‘Kuna Stunner ndokwavanoinda’ is a statement the star loves to flaunt.

Credit: Stunner

The question to ask now is ‘What’s up with Stunner’s left leg?’

Credit: Stunner

You might have noticed one thing with Stunner’s poses, his left leg. This has become a natural pose for the ‘married’ fashion icon. That part had to be mention so we can safely say’ “behind every stylish is guy is an equally stylish woman.”

Stunner has a young and fresh look and it’s timeless. Mrs Chideme should be proud of her husband but taking note that ‘kuna Stunner ndokwavanoenda’.


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