Stop sending your children to BOARDING SCHOOLS.

Sending your children to boarding schools simply means that you don’t love them.

You don’t appreciate their daily presence because they usually bother you with their constant behaviors so you prefer them away from you because their presence disturbs you.

You believe that they can be well raised at the school far away from you because you trust the ability of the teachers to raise your children more than yours.

No one has the capacity to raise a child better than the parents that gave the birth to the child.

You are a failure if you think that a teacher can raise your child better than you can.

Why did you give birth to that child if the presence of the child will be a bother to you?

A child has few days to enjoy the parents presence, as a kid, the kid goes to nursery school, as a child the child is at the primary, as a teen the teen is at the secondary school, as an adult the adult leaves the house to the university and from their off to work and never return to stay with the parents.

Can you see that you really have not enjoyed the presence of your child if the child was only coming home to see you during the holidays?

Seeing your children everyday is a blessing.

Parents that really love their children will never take them to the boarding schools, they watch and enjoy their children grow in their presence.

What happens in these boarding schools are horrible. I don’t even want to talk about it today.


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