Chinese Kindergarten Teacher Fired and Arrested for Wishing Covid-19 Could Infect All Her Students

Kindergarten teacher fired after wishing all students get Covid.

Be careful what you post online, they always say.
Tired of being mistreated by her students’ parents, a kindergarten teacher in Dalian vented her frustrations online, only to end up being fired from her job and detained by the police.

According to reports by media in China, t/he 28-year-old made the offensive post on Wednesday (Nov 17) that said, “I hope the pandemic doesn’t stop, even better if [the number of cases] increase, at least till March next year, that’s my happiest wish.”

What enraged netizens the most was the post’s ending, where she expressed her wish for her students to be infected with Covid-19.

“Even in my dreams I hope that the cases in Dalian increase, I hope that even the 30 children in school are also infected. Go Dalian!” she wrote.
Unfortunately, her remarks caught the attention of local police, who promptly detained her for making inappropriate comments about the pandemic and causing a “negative impact on society”.
The kindergarten teacher was also dismissed from her job but the episode didn’t end there.
On Thursday (Nov 18), one netizen revealed that the kindergarten teacher had been using fake photographs on Weibo.
The netizen, who is the actual person in the photo, said that the picture of the disgraced kindergarten teacher that was circulating on the internet was fake and urged netizens to stop spreading her photos.

“We are ex-colleagues and the photo was taken in 2018. She stole the photo and used it on her own Weibo account in 2019 which I didn’t know about it then” she explained.
She has reported the matter to the police

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