Your National Identity, Your Treasure

by Bvute Ashton

Just like a unique scent that trails every living organism, everyone does have an umbilical cord of a bond with their background that is impossible to ignore. Without identity, we are nothing but a product of a like-minded group without anything unique. National identity embraces the cultural heritage and natural history of a nation.

Great Zimbabwe

National identity goes beyond the skin, education, and location and it does reflect the priceless DNA of a county building from generation to generation.

The southern nation of Zimbabwe will cease to exist in its uniqueness if we all as her citizens choose not to follow the pattern of her centuries-old history and her special and very rare unrivaled patterns. No one is obliged or mandated to be patriotic to an identity for we all can choose our own ways but l still believe that it is our responsibility to preserve what makes us special as Zimbabweans and pass it on to the next generations.

Nevertheless, in recent years, we allowed the biased media to play Russian roulette with our minds promoting the values they strongly believe in, hence wiping off years of culture and tradition.

Zimbabwean Woman in her Traditional Kitchen

Anyway, I am referring to you as a Zimbabwean offspring that your national identity matters and is priceless. No job vacancy, money, and opportunity can be as priced as to what makes us Zimbabweans special and a lot overlooks where we are coming from just for short-term gains.…just like a flag that is so small but does represent those under it, without the Zimbabwean identity our nation ceases to exist.

The world is and has always been beautiful with our difference and similarities. All the famous painters from Van Gogh to Picasso painted their paintings in different special ways and l doubt that art would be exciting with only the likes of the Starry night without the Monalisa. Both are great and compliments each other. Several Zimbabweans home and abroad have made headlines, set new records in the world, and made us all proud. Not only in music but also in economics and business, Strive Masiyiwa from Zimbabwe is among the top ten African billionaires in the world. In technological investment and innovation the Zimbabwean William Sachiti invented the UK’s first autonomous delivery car, Maxwell Chikumbutso in the USA invented the first green generator, which produces electricity using radio frequencies. On the contrary, the new generations have witnessed some Zimbabweans who are quick to dance to any tune that plays and takes less pride in the preservation of national identity.

Young Farmers in Zimbabwe

Preservation of culture and identity makes people stronger and cement values in whatever they do. They are giving up their identities for money and whatever that caters to their short-term urges. We want to see Zimbabwe communities being the epicenter of development, innovation whether in diaspora and at home. One’s identity is not a synonym to one’s political views. Zimbabwe communities must not be characterized by case studies of laziness, disunity, poor management, and begging. Dustbin all negative perceptions that the world has started by being in oneself as a Zimbabwean and see yourself as a better person before appreciating the next person.

Zimbabweans in diaspora highlight your strengths, skills and do not give up your national identity torture. Do well in the diaspora and built the Zimbabwean brand. There is no opportunity that has the same value as centuries of unique values. In our capacity, we can foster unity, development and shape a new world in the diaspora and back home.


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