This morning we held a meeting with the former British Prime Minister, Right Honourable, Tony Blair at State House.

During the meeting we discussed issues of democracy and economic development. We stated that our election to office was centered around the need for jobs, business opportunities, rule of law and lower cost of living and that we are working round the clock to ensure that this becomes a reality for our people.

We also stated that theft of public resources won’t be entertained during our tenure and that a very steady, methodical and systematic process is already in motion to bring offenders to book, past, present and future.

We are elated by the former UK Prime Minister’s visit and while in office, we will heighten the implementation of our foreign policy which is anchored on economic diplomacy. This bridge will provide trade and business opportunities for our people and other countries.

Zambia and the United Kingdom come a long way and we intend to strengthen our bilateral relations.

May God Bless the two Nations.

Hakainde Hichilema
President of the Republic of Zambia

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