Chinese to siphon tourist attraction’s water for mining purposes

Mutorashanga citizens in Zimbabwe have expressed great concern that Green-pool, a tourist attraction site, is about to be siphoned off its water by a Chinese company for mining purposes.

The local residents have therefore called on the government to intervene and protect the tourist attraction site which serves the purpose of developing the tourism sector, a pillar of National Development Strategy 1 (NDS1).

“As residents, we would appreciate it if the government protects this vital attraction and helps us develop it in the interests of developing tourism which is a pillar of National Development Strategy 1,” said the petition.

Furthermore, the petition stated Green-pool is also among international tourist attraction sites just like Chinhoyi Caves hence the urge for the Chinese company not to siphon the water.

They went on to urge the Chinese company to drill its own borehole for the water they need for mining purposes.
Adding on, the petition stated that Mutorashanga citizens are not against any mining activities on the site, but are disagreeing with the idea of draining water from the pool.
“Whilst we would have no objection to any mining activities on the site, we would fail to comprehend why foreign mining interests seek to draw water from the pool instead of drilling boreholes for their water requirements.”

Mutorashanga is waiting on the government to hear their petition.

Mining News by Shantel

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