Mann Pacquiao’s Biggest Fear

What is your biggest FEAR in life? What is the hardest OBSTACLE you have to overcome?

When I was young, my biggest fear was not knowing if our family could survive without another meal. The feeling of seeing your mother and siblings not having food was tragic and I wish no kid have to go through that. Yes, it made me into who I am today, but it took years for me to overcome that nightmare.

One of the obstacles I took courage to overcome is rejection. I have been rejected many times over, but I did not listen to those who did not believe in me. Instead, I kept eyes focused on my goal of rising above poverty so I can help my family and other people.

Everyone has fears and obstacles they have to confront and they’re different for every person. Fight them, overcome them, and you will be surprised what is waiting on the other side. God bless everyone!

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