Encounter Splendid China
My name is Zhomwa Joseph Nyasha an international student at Zhejiang University of Science and
Technology. I come from Mubaira in Mhondoro, Mashonaland West Province.
I came to China in the summer of 2019. Since the day I stepped onto this soil my experience is good enough to inspire those who have never been to China. I strongly believe that after reading my story many people will learn a lot from the Chinese culture and its business logic.


I planned to study in China long time ago but failed after three years of endeavor. Finally, my application was accepted. I was very interested in studying abroad especially in a country that attracted me a lot even before I travelled.
It was a fresh and cool day when arrived at Hangzhou International Airport. I was immediately amazed by the grand but exquisite buildings of the airport, the bustling but orderly flow of people and the clear and melodious voices that I could not understand. I thought it was dreaming until a customs officer helped me count my luggage, that I realized I had arrived. In my motherland we seldom use buses as local public transportation. Here I was on the day I arrived in China comfortably of sitting on the bus among local passengers. I can’t forget the first Chinese greeting word “nihao (hello)” which I heard on
my way to school. The kind greetings made me feel that my arrival was a beautiful start. I realized that I
had come to a country where people of all skin colors would be respected. I received a welcome that
everyone in the world would crave for. My first day in China is a “sexy and charming” memory for me.
China is a pluralistic country, which brings together people from all over the world. In China, people
from different cultural backgrounds can choose cuisines that match their stomachs. In many countries,

few people realize that China is a strong economy that is not only industrially prosperous but also
developed in agriculture. I also noticed that the country is very strict in food safety and has adopted
stringent safety standards. In China I can enjoy every meal that is unique and delicious. People from other countries can also eat the delicacies from their own country. Undoubtedly this is a land rich in fruits and vegetables that will shine through the global food culture.
I can’t help but be attracted by the hard-working Chinese people whose businesses are either small workshops or large-scale manufacturing enterprises which contain their diligent sweat I’ve read stories about Jack Ma who led a group of people to establish Alibaba. It would be a great honor if one day I could meet him face to face and hear him explain how e-commerce has brought success to him and Chinese people. Chinese people are innovative and the way they conduct and create art go beyond imagination.
The sudden outbreak of COVID-19 attacked the lovely and beautiful country without warning. The Chinese government spared no effort to ensure citizens safety. Thanks to the responsible national leaders, the front-line workers and every citizen who showed tenacity, bravery and active response during the pandemic.
China is now my second home and many other international students
China is like a bowl of wine, fragrant and mellow which one need to taste carefully. I hope to meet more top businesspeople and scholars, meet my soul mate and secure my life direction in this peaceful, happy country. Thank you so much China. (written by owner)


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