Zimbabwean man shot and killed by South African security officer at Beitbridge border post

A Zimbabwean national has been shot dead by a South African border security officer at Beitbridge Border Post after an alleged misunderstanding.
There was a somber atmosphere at Beitbridge Border Post this Wednesday morning when a South African border security official opened fire and killed a migrant after an alleged misunderstanding.
Eyewitnesses said the disturbing incident left many in shock as they watched the man being shot dead for allegedly pleading for mercy on behalf of a woman who was being interrogated by South African officials.
“We are quite disturbed by the shooting that resulted in the death of a man who simply asked why SA bodyguards were beating a woman, one of the border guards who were beating the old woman then came straight to him, drew a firearm and shot him at the forehead and he died on the spot,” narrated a witness.
“What is more painful is that when the security was questioned why he fired a shot, he simply said it was a mistake as he thought his gun was uncorked,” added another.
Zimbabwe’s Ambassador to South Africa Mr David Hamadziripi confirmed the incident after the embassy verified the details with the Johannesburg Consulate.
He added that the embassy will issue a statement this Thursday after receiving more details from South African authorities.

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