Chinese-aided Africa CDC headquarters nearing completion in Ethiopia.

Located in the African Village, south of Addis Ababa, the new site covers an area of 90,000m2 with a total construction area of nearly 40,000m2. When completed the building will include an emergency operation centre, a data centre, laboratory, resource centre, briefing rooms, training centre, conference centre, offices, and expatriate apartments all constructed, furnished and equipped by the Government of China.

Africa CDC headquarters is another landmark project aided by the Government of the People’s Republic of China as Africa continues to look east for aid. It is a flagship project that will contribute to improving health in Africa and advance efforts towards the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals and the African Union’s Agenda 2063 according to Ambassador and Head of Mission of China to the African Union, H.E. Mr Yuxi Liu.

The headquarters building is expected to become one of the best-equipped centres for disease control in Africa, allowing Africa CDC to play its role as the technical institution coordinating disease prevention, surveillance and control in the continent in partnership with the national public health institutes and ministries of health of Member States.


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