African girls are hardworking, frugal and unpretentious

A Chinese man never thought of a day he would marry outside his race. We have heard of stories where Chinese parents discourage their children from marrying ‘black women’.
A Chinese man who has been living in Nigeria for five years and is currently running a Chinese restaurant found love and everything changed.
Originally, he planned to fly thousands of miles to Africa to do business, earn enough money, return to buy a house and marry a wife. But after living in Nigeria for a long time, he found out that he could not live outside this Nigeria and my circle was fixed in Nigeria. He liked everything about Nigeria.
“I never thought I would marry an African girl, but as a result, I married a Nigerian girl last year. We have a half-race baby this year. My English is good, communication with my wife is not a big problem, now my wife is also learning Chinese. A lot of people may wonder why I married an African wife. In my opinion, love does not know national boundaries, the reason why I marry African girl, mainly it’s their character.”
“African girls are hardworking, frugal and unpretentious. My wife and I met in a very interesting way. Once I was shopping in the store, after shopping, suddenly found that I forgot to bring the money. The salesperson is a black girl of 170cm, slim and delicate.
Although the skin is black, it is very beautiful. I wanted to return the goods to her because I don’t have any money with me. But this beautiful waitress trusted me very much, let me take things away, come back to pay tomorrow, which makes me very moved. That’s it. I met this black girl. The next day I went to pay for it and invited my girl to dinner.”
“Although Nigeria’s economy is not as fast as China’s, and its infrastructure is not perfect, after marrying a local black girl, I had the idea of settling in the country. African women know how to be considerate of their husbands, and they basically don’t let them do housework. Husbands drink outside and socialize, and they don’t interfere. Local girls classify yellow people as white people.
Falling in love with the Chinese people and getting married with white people seem the same to them. Because of the hard work of Chinese men, local girls all prefer Chinese men. If the local girl marries a Chinese man, she will have a lot of face. To some extent, the Chinese are synonymous with bosses and rich people.”



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