Zimbabwean Model Charged with Unlawful Possession of Drugs

Model Tumelo Nare (26) and Precious Bango (18) appeared before Harare magistrate Ms Evelyn Mashavakure charged with unlawful possession of drugs. They were remanded in custody till the date for their bail application.

The model arriving at court

The state led by Mr Zebediah Bofu is alleging that on Sunday, at around 6.15pm, detectives from CID Drugs and Narcotics, Harare were called by Crowne Plaza Monomotapa hotel security and were informed that the two were behaving awkwardly and were walking nɑkǝd in the corridors at the hotel.

The detectives reacted, went to the hotel where they found the two in room 1605 on the 16th floor. They searched the room, found and seized a white powder which was on a table. A field test confirmed it was 2g of cocaine with a street value of around $16 000. They arrested the two and took them down to CID Drugs and Narcotics.

The Government of Zimbabwe together with development partners are working together to fight drug abuse amongst youth. Drug-related crimes have been rampant in Zimbabwe, once regarded as transit point for dangerous drugs.

Research has shown that young people take drugs as a stress reliever against poverty and unemployment.
Other common drivers include peer pressure, broken families, emotional and physical abuse, and curiosity, often resulting in addiction.

Commonly abused drugs include cannabis, crystal methamphetamine and unprescribed cocaine. The drug scourge has been blamed on factors such as youth exposure to technological gadgets, weak policing, and an increase in child-headed households due to parent migration, neglect or death. Statistics show that many recent admissions to Zimbabwe’s mental health hospitals are a result of drug abuse.

Recently in the news, Parirenyatwa Marimba, medical superintendent for Zimbabwe’s second-biggest mental health hospital Ngomahuru in Masvingo city, said 80 percent of admissions are juvenile and adult patients presented with drug-induced psychosis.

In a recent speech, President Emmerson Mnangagwa called for a concerted approach in fighting the scourge.


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