FIVE foreign nationals have been arrested and appeared before the courts this month for unlawful possession of more than 30 kgs of heroin.

The arrests and seizure of the drugs comes at a time when government has intensified the fight against drugs and substance abuse in the country.
Shaikh Zeenat Khatoon Rafiq aged (43) from India was arrested at the Victoria Falls International Airport with 9.2 kilograms of heroin which was stashed in a bag.
Two other Indians, 61-year-old  Gowada Nabin Chandra and Ronald Florentius Paes were arrested on separate occasions at the Robert Gabriel Mugabe international Airport with a combined 15 kgs of heroin.
Two other suspects were arrested earlier this month at the Robert Gabriel Mugabe international Airport with a combined 17.2 kgs of heroin.

The drugs worth thousands of dollars of were stashed in the lining of their bags.
All the suspects appeared in court and were remanded in custody pending their trials.
Last year government established an inter-ministerial taskforce to handle the menace of drug and substance abuse.
Several campaigns have been launched targeting the youths giving awareness on the dangers of drug abuse.

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