A woman has been arrested in connection to the gang rape that occurred in the Krugersdorp mines earlier this year. 8 women were attacked, raped and robbed by a group of armed thugs while shooting a music video.
The arrested woman, former warrant officer Dolphina Truter was the director of the music video. She was arrested after being found in possession of the stolen items taken at the mine.
Truter has appeared at the Krugersdorp magistrates court on charges of defeating the ends of justice and theft.

Police Commissioner stated in an interview:
“Now that the Krugersdorp case is before the court we allow the NPA to ventilate in terms of the progress as to what evidence is already ready to be ventilated in court. What I can also add that is not in possession of the court is that one of the crew members who was found in possession of the alleged robbed items of one of the victims.
The person in question is a crew member and the one who organized the entire shoot. We are saddened because how did the items end up in her possession?”

More than 80 people appeared in court after eight models were gang-raped at gunpoint by an armed gang as they shot a gospel music video near an illegal gold mine in South Africa in July.
The shocking crime took place while the production team were filming out in the wilds near West Village, Krugersdorp, near Johannesburg on July 28.
The models and crew were raped up to ten times each, with the youngest victim, a 19-year-old, raped 10 times and the eldest being 37.
The gang also systematically robbed the crew and girls of their mobile phones, rings, jewelery, handbags, cash and cameras.
Police blamed illegal immigrants working in mines – known locally as Zama Zama – and arrested 84 people during a swoop in the area.
Two more suspects were killed in a shoot-out with police and a third one was wounded and taken to a local hospital, police said.

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