President Lazarus McCarthy Chakwera says Malawi is home to judicial excellence following correction of misrepresentation of the Constitution in 2020 by the Supreme Court.

Speaking when he officially opened the 2022 African Bar Association Annual Conference at BICC Chakwera said his government has implemented policies aimed at improving the Judicial System.

“We will keep making governance reforms to ensure institutional corruption is never given a foothold. African political and economic transformation depends on judicial reforms which also facilitate free trade, fair labour laws and credible delivery of justice among others,” he said.

In her Key Note address, Liberian Vice President, Chief Senator Dr. Jewel Howard Taylor said government’s trusted policies on governance and law give a ray of hope to delivery of justice, transparency and accountability in Malawi and Africa as a whole.

“African Bar Association is truly becoming the voice of marginalized groups and the soul of young people trying to bring transformation,” she said.

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