Chinese Fugtive Arrested for Racist Videos of Malawi
Lu Ke is accused of filming young villagers saying racist things about themselves in Chinese, then selling the footage on social media

The Chinese national wanted in Malawi for filming children singing racist chants in Chinese was arrested in neighbouring Zambia.
He was arrested in Chipata, Zambia after fleeing the country through uncharted routes,” Malawi immigration spokesman Pasqually Zulu said.

Popularly known as Susu, the Chinese ran away from Malawi after being exposed in an exclusive BBC Africa documentary.
Lu Ke is accused of exploiting children in Malawian villages by filming them making racist remarks about themselves and other content, in Chinese phrases they did not understand.
In one video, a young child aged about nine is heard saying: “I am a monster with low IQ.”
In a statement last week, the Chinese embassy in Malawi condemned the acts of racism by one of its citizens.

This is what is happening. These black men are lured by Chinese residing in Africa maybe by money or whatever means, then their videos and photos are shoot for sale to Chinese online.
The captions are generally saying : Special Gift
African Muscle men birthday Blessing video creation. Video customisation and HD Photos. Price ranges from rmb98 to rmb238 (usd15-usd40). The question is do these ‘Muscle men’ know what their videos are used for? Do they know their videos are sold online? Who is capable of doing this, a friend or foe?

“It shall be stressed that the Chinese government has zero tolerance for racism,” it said. “China has been cracking down on unlawful online acts in the past years and will continue to do so. The embassy will closely work with the Malawi side and see to it that this unfortunate issue be properly addressed.”
Africans living in China have been reporting pages run by Chinese sharing distasteful content from Africa. The content creators are based in different African countries and have a huge audience on Chinese social media. The business is thriving and the content has been becoming more sickening.
Lu ke is just one of them.

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