Zimbabwean Football Super Fan Destitute in Cameroon

Alvin Zhakata arrived Cameroon for the AFCON to cheer the Warriors of Zimbabwe. He was expected to leave Cameroon for Harare in February but complications at the airport prevented him from traveling and since then he has not been able to have money for another ticket.

According to reports Alvin is a freelance Zimbabwean sports consultant, he arrived in Cameroon with a delegation from his Zimbabwe, for the 2021 Africa Cup of Nations.

This is not the first time Zhakata is undertook such a journey. In 2019, he travelled by bus from Harare to Egypt to take part in the AFCON.

Reports say Alvin was kicked out of the Arenah hotel for unpaid bills and now roams behind his former abode in the Olembe neighborhood. He can’t afford to buy food and was recently admitted to hospital for poor health.

He also fell sick in Cameoon and was admitted to hospital. He came out to thank Samuel Eto’o for paying his medical bill.

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