Zambia revises COVID-19 measures, negative test not required at entry

ZAMBIA has revised COVID-19 guidelines for strengthening surveillance at points of entry, with fully vaccinated travellers no longer requiring negative test results to enter the country.

This was announced by the country’s President Hakainde Hichilema through his Twitter Page this Friday morning.

“Thank you Zambia for observing COVID_19 guidelines. Now all fully-vaccinated travellers don’t need a negative PCR test to enter Zambia. We’ve reduced visa fees by 50%, while Min.of Tourism has packages for citizens to boost local tourism,” he wrote.

However, travellers will be required to provide proof of a full vaccination status.

The new guidelines are in line with the revised COVID-19 guidelines issued on Wednesday by Zambia National public Public Health Institute Director General, Roman Chilengi and Ministry of Health Permanent Secretary, Lackson Kasonka.

International travellers who are not fully vaccinated must show proof of a COVID-19 test for a sample collected within 72 hours before departure from the country of origin.

Re-testing at own cost will be applied for travellers who do not meet the stipulated guidelines and those with a positive COVID-19 result will be required to quarantine at own cost.

Revised guidelines will apply to all international travellers entering through the points of entry effective Monday next week.

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