Illegal Foreigners Arrested Under Operation Restore underway in South Africa

GAUTENG – ‘Operation Restore’ is currently underway in Alexandra Township in Gauteng Province and is led by the Acting Gauteng Provincial Commissioner Major General Girly Mbele, Johannesburg District Commissioner Major General Max Masha and the Operational Commander Major General Mthombeni, with the support of National Head Office, and resources from Mpumalanga, Free State and Limpopo provinces.

The operation started at 03:00 on Friday morning and is taking place simultaneously within the Johannesburg District. Operation Restore is aimed at restoring law and order and also restoring public confidence in the police.

A total of 209 people have been arrested thus far for allegedly being in the country illegally. One hundred and sixteen (116) of them were arrested in Diepkloof, Soweto, forty nine (49) were arrested in Hillbrow, whereas forty four (44) were arrested in Alexandra.

One person was also arrested for possession of illegal drugs and the other for possession of ammunition.

Stop and searches, inspection at business premises and routine policing continues in the area.


One thought on “Illegal Foreigners Arrested Under Operation Restore underway in South Africa

  1. this is another regrettable environment, shame on you South Africa. EFF by Malema is the solution to this inhumane activity getting unleashed by the ANC. South Africa is proving to be a nasty country when it comes to the people that are enduring the pain and suffering caused by their ruling party.


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