Witch hunting turns fatal as old woman is forced to drink poison amid witchcraft allegations

THE Zimbabwe Republic Police has confirmed it is carrying out investigations into the mysterious death of a Mberengwa elderly woman, who was allegedly forced to drink poison by her relatives amid accusations of witchcraft.

The death of Sarah Rumhasa on the 2nd of March 2022 has raised eyebrows, with unconfirmed reports pointing to foul play.

Information gathered by ZBC News indicates that Rumhasa who was believed to be in her 80s, was living on her own in Nyororo, Mberengwa West, as she did not have children.

Zimbabwe Republic Police National Spokesperson, Assistant Commissioner Paul Nyathi confirmed receiving reports that Rumhasa could have been poisoned although investigations are still underway.

Close sources, who spoke to ZBC News in confidence for fear of victimisation by the alleged perpetrators said the elderly woman was forced to drink poison after self-proclaimed witch hunters who are popularly known as ‘Tsikamutanda’ visited the area and claimed that the woman was a witch.

Some audios in possession of ZBC News confirmed the celebratory mood that some community members were in when the woman allegedly took the poisonous substance that killed her after three days.

It is alleged that several village heads and chiefs were in attendance when the witch hunter arrived at the deceased’s homestead.

While some people seem to have celebrated the death of the woman, there are some who were touched by the incident and their call is for the Police to take appropriate action by investigating allegations of foul play.

Witchcraft or no witchcraft, Tsikamutandas continue to make headlines for the wrong reasons, with several families being left divided after witchcraft hunting ceremonies.
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